Registration for the AP Summer Institute will open March 3, 2014.



What We Do:

We prepare Indiana students for college by engaging them in rigorous math, science, and English coursework.  We support them by delivering high quality professional development to their teachers and we continue to support those teachers through the use of our Content Directors.  We provide greater opportunities for students to engage in their work and we reward them for their success.  The two main goals are

  • To increase the enrollment of students in math, science, and English AP® courses in the schools participating in the project, and
  • To increase the number of qualifying scores (3, 4, or 5) on AP® math, science, and English exams in the schools participating in the project

Why We Are Here In Indiana:

Below are a few brief articles on why the AP-TIP is so powerful and why we need it in our state and the nation as a whole.

How the Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program (AP-TIP) Works: how_ap_tip_works.pdf

Why STEM Education Matters: 


Where We Are Located:

The AP-TIP IN program is housed at the University of Notre Dame.  Our mailing address is 107 Carole Sandner Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556.  Schools within our program are located throughout the state of Indiana.  

The first cohort is: Concord H.S., Elkhart Central H.S., Elkhart Memorial H.S., Jeffersonville H.S., Mississinewa H.S., Perry Meridian H.S., Pike H.S., Southport H.S., Speedway H.S.  Click on the following link for a map of the 1st cohort: aptip_in_map_.pdf

In the summer of 2013 we will welcome our 2nd cohort of schools followed by our 3rd cohort in 2014.  All 3 cohorts of schools participating in the grant can be found on the map below.

When Is The Grant Taking Place:

With support and guidance from National Math and Science (NMS), AP-TIP IN will guide schools to replicate strategies for success in AP® math, science, and English courses in its program schools.   The program will be conducted with 30 Indiana public high schools over a five year period.  The first Cohort of 9 schools began their journey in July of 2012.


AP-TIP IN Participating Schools 2012-2015:

See Map

Who We Are:


Karen Morris
Program Director
(574) 631-6945



Dottie Henley
English Content Director
(765) 714-1631



Amy Keller
Science Content Director
(317) 614-5114



Bryan Passwater
Math Content Director
(765) 210-3833


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