Sr. Gail Mayotte


Contact Information

mayotte Gail Mayotte, SASV
Faculty of Supervision and Instruction
107 Carole Sandner Hall


Education/Alliance for Catholic Education


Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Boston College

M.Ed., Boston College

B.S., University of Lowell

Research interests

Faculty Prayer, Teaching as a Second Career, Assessment


Christ the Teacher Award, 2007

Select publications

Mayotte, G. (2010). Let your light shine: A guide for preparing to teach in a Catholic school, Notre Dame, IN:  ACE Press.

Mayotte, G. (2010). Faculty prayer in Catholic schools: A Survey of Practices and meaning. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice. 13(3): pp. 329-349.

Mayotte, G. (2010). Fostering the prayer life of the Catholic school faculty. Today’s Catholic Teacher. April: pp. 49-52.

Mayotte, G. (2007). Prayers to Guide Teaching. Notre Dame, IN: ACE Press.

Mayotte, G. (2003). Steppingstones to success: Previously developed career competencies and their benefits to career switchers transitioning to teaching. Teaching and Teacher Education. 19(7): 681 – 695.

Mayotte, G. (2003).  Know why, know how, know whom: Steppingstones to success for second career teachers.  In Scherer, M. (Ed.). Keeping Good Teachers. ASCD Publications, 141-148.

Albert, L. Mayotte, G. and Cutler-Sohn, S. (2002). Making observation interactive. Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades, 7(7): 396-401.


Sister Gail Mayotte joined the Alliance for Catholic Education in 2004 as Faculty of Supervision and Instruction. Prior to that she worked in the Archdiocese of Boston as Director of Curriculum and Testing and Regional Director for Elementary Schools.  Sister Gail has also served as a Catholic school principal and classroom teacher. As adjunct faculty, she has taught the course, Testing and Assessment, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. 


Within the ACE Teaching Fellows Program, Sister Gail teaches various courses including Introduction to Middle School Teaching,  Introduction to Teaching: Elementary, and a section of Assessment in Elementary Education. She also serves as the Coordinator of Supervision.


With interests in curriculum and assessment, she contributes to the ACE Collaborative for Academic Excellence giving workshops and presentations in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Outside  of the Collaborative, presentations have been in the areas of faculty prayer, instruction, and assessment.


Sister Gail is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.